The Catalyst Road Show schedule has been announced! Register for our upcoming Jamathon events in a city near you. As you prepare your video pitches for the Business Innovation Contest, please vote and comment on the active and popular ideas on the Ideation page. SunShot Catalyst is an open innovation program that allows the public to rapidly create and develop products and solutions that address near-term challenges in the U.S. solar marketplace through prize challenges. See the winners from the last cycle of the program.


Get Tickets for the Catalyst Jamathon, @ Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, August 12, 3-6pm

Get Tickets for the Catalyst Jamathon, @ The Fisher Center, New York City, August 12, 6-9pm

Business Innovation Contest Now Open!

If you need help with your submission for the Business Innovation Contest, please watch this video. Although the active phase of ideation has ended, you can still submit new problem statements by following the directions in the video.

The platform is also open for your comments and votes. All platform activities will close on Friday August 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET so video pitch submission can be reviewed to determine winners that advance to the prototyping phase.

SunShot Catalyst Demo Day: $30,000 winners

Gridmates is the world's first internet platform designed to end energy poverty. Check out the MVP.

PVComplete offers commercial PV designers a comprehensive solar project design software that increases productivity, reduces error, and speeds time to installation. Check out the MVP.

Savenia Solar Ratings is the CarFax for solar. Check out the MVP.

Solar Site Design sells qualified solar energy development projects to solar equipment manufacturers, suppliers, engineering firms and finance companies. Check out the MVP.

UtilityAPI automates utility data acquisition for solar companies. Check out the MVP.

SunShot Catalyst Demo Day: additional prototyping winners

ASES National Solar Tour provides organizers and individuals easily accessible resources for hosting and promoting local tours of solar homes and businesses. Check out the MVP.

PVBid accelerates solar industry growth through efficient cost estimation for solar installers and developers.Check out the MVP.

PVimpact is changing the way homeowners interact with their solar system. Check out the MVP.

Simplify Solar gets consumers the best solar value using a comprehensive online platform. Check out the MVP.

SolarAgs PV App customizes, autonomizes, and optimizes residential PV leads generation and system design. Check out the MVP.

Solar Power Report is your independent guide to solar. Check out the MVP.

Solar Retina provides real solar intelligence, from real solar arrays. Check out the MVP.

Soluxify is the next generation of solar customer and partner relationship management through building and empowering an online solar community. Check out the MVP.

Sunmetrix Go gives consumers a chance to test-drive their solar system before spending a single dollar. Check out the MVP.

Sunsight brings the value of solar to everyday finances. Check out the MVP.

Tumalow gives K-12 schools going solar a way to reduce their electric bills at no cost using battery energy storage. Check out the MVP.

Window Street Financial aligns solar customers seeking financing to mission-driven capital from their favorite institutions. Check out the MVP.