ENERGY LOTTERY - Free kWatts!...for Life!


At this stage, the Solar PV Industry needs active response from the consumers. The potential customers, though, have not been sensitized enough with the idea and benefits of Solar PV. A marketing strategy is required, which would capture people's attention and mobilize them to act!

Such a lottery game, which would not only be a game but a nationwide warehouse of information, research, analysis and leads list, would be a great catalyst for growth of the PV market. It will actively bring together industry players and potential consumers. To enter this "lottery" and win prizes, including a grand prize of a free installation, would require some research. This requirement would mobilize participants to actively search if their location is suitable, what the benefits would be and even how exactly climate change would affect their lives! This "lottery", as the cornerstone activity of the overall marketing strategy, would create substantial media attention which would promote the main goal of the strategy through articles, internet postings, radio & TV shows and News coverage. This 'third party endorsement" campaign would actively catalyze solar PV sensitization and act as a reinforcing stimulus to consumers to pursue their own research through the internet and the sites that we will create for this purpose. Consumers and participating industry players would have a lot to gain in this win-win campaign!



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