Comparing measured and simulated building performance data

Building performance analysts lack software tools to track and compare measured utility and sub-meter data, particularly with respect to simulation results. This results in an open feedback loop in the industry, with many analysts having a poor understanding of how buildings actually perform with respect to their models. A low cost and flexible way for analysts to catalog and compare simulation results to actual performance data is needed. The comparisons should be graphical and tabular, and allow for normalization of data with respect to floor area, number of building occupants, etc. Additionally, the software tool should allow sharing of the data among various stakeholders, such as building owners, rating authorities, DOE Buildings Performance Database, and other analysts. With such a tool, analysts will be able to better understand how buildings perform, particularly for different occupancies. This basic feedback loop is an important first step in using measured data to evaluate actual operations and inform future design phase modeling assumptions.



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