Building Information Modeling (BIM) for building occupants

Currently, it is difficult to represent occupants in buildings, limiting our knowledge of (1) their impact on building energy consumption, (2) their presence during a disastrous event, or even (3) their comfort preferences. The goal of this project is to create an occupant information modeling (OIM) portal, leverage an existing occupant behavior Extensible Markup Language (obXML schema). Similar to BIM, the OIM will be an intelligent model design process that involves the generation and management of digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of occupant interactions with their built environment. The intelligent objects detailed in the OIM will be both empirically and numerically driven and provide important occupant information to be utilized during the planning, designing, modeling and management stages of the building. Additionally, the OIM provides a standardize representation of occupant information enabling interoperability. The OIM will advance energy management, comfort and occupant health throughout the lifecycle of the building. The advancement of developing the first-ever OIM platform is critical to understanding and monitoring occupant presence during emergency response, building and furniture maintenance, space use, comfort conditions and other use cases.



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