No Building Has Lighting Automation That Is As Uncomplicated As A Basic Thermostat

No building (commercial, industrial or residential) has lighting automation and control that is as uncomplicated as a basic thermostat and this leads to an excessive demand on the energy grid, a negative impact on the carbon footprint, excessive electricity costs for the occupants, and may even mean an unsafe environment for inhabitants and visitors.


The automation/control temperature-evolution has progressed from how much wood was on the fire, to the Honeywell thermostat to the NEST, referred-to as the NEXT GENERATION thermostat. Nature (the nearby temperature) triggers an HVAC event – heated or cooled air to make the space comfortable for occupants.


Lighting control automation has progressed from a wall-switch, to electronic timers. Street lights and some individual exterior lights use darkness to turn lights ON; the light at sunrise will turn lights OFF. No centralized system automates and controls lighting like a thermostat controls temperature.


A safe environment requires a lighted area no matter what the time is.


Dimmed lighting can provide a reduction in the use of energy while extending the life of a light bulb.


There has got to be a way to automate lighting control to reduce consumption for buildings – large and small.



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