MySunBuddy - A peer to peer solar sharing platform

Going solar should be simple, but regulatory complexity means that your average resident needs to know a laundry list of arcane market rules to fully understand what they're buying and how it will benefit them. That complexity extends to virtual net metering or solar sharing. Recognizing that there has to be a better way, we created MySunBuddy. MySunBuddy eliminates the legwork for sharing net metering credits through a web application available to both existing and future solar system owners. This can encourage solar system owners to develop more projects, provide more clean energy and ultimately lead to further greenhouse gas emissions reductions.


By simplifying the complex and bureaucratic process required to transfer solar energy across the grid, MySunBuddy creates new opportunities for solar projects to share their excess production or creatively allocate benefits to their communities, meaning more sun for everyone.


MySunBuddy connects solar projects with willing credit buyers. Beyond a platform to share discounted net metering credits with those without solar, we envision MySunBuddy as a way to enable renters to benefit directly from multifamily solar installations, and as a tool for installers to package with new installations. The service would be maintained by small transaction fees. The cloud-based web application will creatively utilize existing infrastructure to deliver energy savings and enable creative new strategies for going solar.


MySunBuddy has worked with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Clean Tech Open Northeast since April to refine our idea into a business model. We would leverage the DOE Catalyst program to develop our web platform to enable us to deliver large-scale pilots.



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