Solar Land Solutions - Online Marketplace To Match Landowners and Building Owners with Utility and Community Solar Developers

Solar Land Solutions is seeking to develop an online marketplace that would match up landowners and building owners with large, flat roofs with solar developers in the utility and community solar space. The landowners and building owners would receive lease offers (or purchase option offers if interested) on their land or rooftops from solar developers. They could choose between developers who met their particular criteria, or submit their property for a competitive bidding process for lease offers.


The online marketplace would reduce soft costs on site acquisition and expedite site control for solar projects. It would also allow for community solar projects to be sited in crowded, urban areas where open land is at a premium, and have the energy generation located closer to the offtakers.


For building owners who lease out the space to other companies are tenants, there may be little incentive to install solar on their rooftop. This would provide a means for them to receive income from leasing that space for community projects.


This could also be particularly useful for solar developers responding to utility requests for proposals to purchase solar energy. Oftentimes, site acquisition is a major challenge in responding to RFPs. The marketplace could allow developers to find suitable locations faster and evaluate many potential sites, picking the best based on quality of interconnection and cost of site control.


Solar Land Solutions would generate revenue by charging commissions on each successful lease. Solar Land Solutions would also conduct preliminary desktop constraints analysis to ensure that the land and/or rooftop was suitable for the desired project. This could be expanded into preliminary permitting requirements and outreach to zoning and building administrations in particular regions.


This online market place would be a win for landowners and building owners - it would provide an income stream that they had perhaps not realized was available. It would also simply site acquisition for developers. Lastly, it could be expanded beyond solar installations to also include micro-wind turbines or rooftop gardens.



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