Homeowners with residential solar need a “check engine light” for their solar panels

Many homeowners with solar panels have no idea when minor maintenance issues have degraded or stopped the energy production from their installations. According to Pecan Street’s report on the need for a “check engine light for solar panels,” typical repairs require $25 and less than an hour of labor, but can often take systems offline for weeks or months.


Even sophisticated homeowners who are actively monitoring their production data might miss the trend line of a failing inverter as it slowly degrades over the course of a year.


Users require an app that alerts them whenever there is a problem with their installation. Preferably, this notification would tell them about the type of problem with their solar panels and either suggest a quick way to fix it (cleaning the dirty panels) or refer a professional maintenance worker.


This service would not only increase the efficiency of existing solar capital, but it would increase customer satisfaction and improve the availability of data on distributed solar generation.



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