SolarBook - The Solar Industry's One Stop Shop for Solar Education Resources

SolarBook Business Plan:


The team at Pick My Solar is taking the next step in solar transparency by developing SolarBook, an online portal covering all things solar for both consumers and industry professionals.


Each stage of the solar process, from first learning what it is and how it works, to what to consider when choosing an installer, to monitoring the system and properly filing for tax credits and rebates, will be covered in educational videos. Quick and to the point, visual learning will accomplish what now takes hours of research and reading. The more informed the consumer, the faster the solar sales process


To generate revenue, a professional version, Solar Academy, will be available to the solar industry workforce. A salesman looking for training, a prospective installer looking to learn the trade, or a seasoned installation veteran looking to learn about new products and techniques, can use a subscription to SolarBook to access a video library. The content will be able to provide certifications on different parts of the trade.



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