The Light Sentry by Sonne Industries

Since no building has lighting automation as intuitive as a simple thermostat, EVERY building could benefit from the patented, transformational technology of the Light Sentry…the only lighting automation solution that offers a wireless, remote light sensor that communicates with a hub, that commands nodes to turn on, dim/brighten, and turn off. These commands are triggered by natural light, time or a combination of both.


The US Energy Information Administration reports there are 5.4M non-residential buildings in the US <100K sqft and only 136,000 larger. These small-to-medium-sized buildings are an enormous for market lighting automation and are our target via lighting specialists.

Having invested $400K, our EE and ME are complete. Updating the software and UI will allow us to demonstrate a minimum viable product to complete the system development. We have breadboards that demo the communication between the hub and outlets and video that shows the communication between the sensor and the hub.


Once the software and UI are functional, we will submit product for safety testing and FCC compliance.

Next we will seek to gain validation with testbed installations, with the aid of our cleantech network.


We have identified a manufacturer who quoted production from the BOMs and drawings provided by the 3rd party engineering firm. Our manufacturer can act as our logistics center.



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