Solar & Energy Efficiency Project Collaboration Software Solution

Imagine robust all inclusive software solution that streamlines the building project life cycle. Enabling all parties involved with the deployment process of solar and energy efficient projects to collaborate and connect in real time. The solution takes the workflow process and makes it more fluid and responsive allow those connected with each project to save time and money not to mention cutting the red tape.


Interactive Profiles for Entities and Projects

Interactive Workflow and timeline Module

Real Time Communication Module

Document Sharing & Retention Archiving

Payment Portal Module

Project Analytic and Progress Reporting


Who benefit: Our World

Municipal Departments Developers Engineers

Inspectors Contractors Property Owners Utility Companies

Service Providers Architects Financial institutions

Local Community Government Agencies

How it works:

Project plans and permits are submitted and approved digitally

Each individual party is now a part of a team working through the portal towards a common project goal. The workflow timeline shares real time updates on each phase of the solar deployment, indicating who is doing what and when completed. This proactive approach to solar deployment and energy efficient applications ensures that the group can work together as a team and find a solution to issues before they arises, cutting down on needless wait times, lost capital and red tape.



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