Collaborative Benchmarking, Learning and Decisioning Platform to Accelerate Energy Efficiency Implementations

Energy Efficiency solution selection for building retrofits is inherently complicated, very information intensive and requires many stakeholders and experts to work together to select the appropriate solutions with sufficient verification of potential savings. For this reason, the uptake on efficiency improvements is extremely slow. With 17 million+ commercial buildings, it may take 20+years for the efficiency savings to be realized, unless alternative methods to accelerate learning and increase confidence in the generated savings can be enabled. We propose such a platform where occupants, owners, facility managers, designers, contractors, consultants, manufacturers and equipment users as well as all available and relevant information (both pre-design and post-implementation) can come together to accelerate the choice of the best solutions in a given context. This platform also enables shortened learning curves for all involved, accelerating the realization of the 'efficiency benefit' across the economy. The post-implementation information is a way of validating whether the projected savings actually occurred, and can inform and improve the models used as well others' choices. This also enables the 'Investor Ready Energy Efficiency' initiative.



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