Thermigate LLC has developed a distribution channel for solar energy which will provide consumers in the United States with cost-effective solar products and solutions. We are targeting the general populations who may have an ideal location for solar on their roof or anyone looking for a simpler way to go solar. We minimize the financial barriers to obtain efficient solar energy by developing a novel mobile application capable of providing automated solar feasibility study, shade analysis, financial analysis, and determining optimal system configurations based upon the user’s preference. Our novel algorithm and mobile application assists consumers with removing the associated barriers for solar energy, such as costly engineering assessments, high installation labor cost, the financial burden of buying equipment, lack of appropriate distribution channels, and insufficient business models. The app successfully streamlines the process of buying solar while utilizing the convenience of a mobile phone. Additionally, the business model and novel app is cable of lowering the soft cost of solar such that consumers will be able to achieve a LCOE under 6 cents/kWh, and be able to purchase a 5kW array for under $10,000.



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