SunSwarm Community Solar Marketplace

SunSwarm is an online consumer to developer marketplace platform that connects interested energy consumers to solar developers to satisfy pre-development customer subscriber requirements and matches consumers to online solar projects.


Consumer Benefits:

By providing basic pieces of information, SunSwarm can match a consumer with a qualifying solar project and provide the consumer 1). The ability to understand the process of Community Solar, 2). Enable consumers to determine the estimated cost of participation, and 3). Show potential GHB reduction based on their participation.


Developer Benefits:

The Developer can access the pre-subscriber prospect database to identify subscribers by usage amount, targeted environmental tracts, or respective underserved community groups. A non-profit organization could also utilize the mobile app to invite prospective subscribers to sign up. By providing the ease of use and consumer knowledge to make informed choices, it provides a tool to manage (mandated) community outreach to underserved communities.


The Platform can also provide the developer or organization with cost effective project management tools to organize and develop Community Solar Projects through the simplicity of online regulatory filings, utility connected customer billing and administrative regulatory report generation.



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