Automated Microinverter Replacement

I wish there were a way to automatically notify my microinverter manufacturer and have my microinverter replaced without my interaction. Currently, I get an e-mail notifying me that there is a problem with my microinverter. I then have to call my installer, who then contacts the manufacturer, who then sends a replacement inverter. I wish there were a way for the installer to automatically get notified of the issue to determine if a replacement inverter is required, and, if so, to get a new microinverter from the manufacturer in a more efficient and automated fashion.


With so many microinverters required for a PV array, the failure of one or more microinverters on a given PV array every few years is common. I have had to replace 3 microinverters in 5 years. While the manufacturer was always willing to send replacements, the process of identifying the problem, contacting the installer, and replacing the inverter took a long time.



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