Solar For Everyone- Solar Power Plants

A major problem with solar is that only about 25% of residential rooftops are capable of hosting solar panels. This is due to shading, structural issues, or ownership- many people live in apartments, or rent space, and do not own their roof. These issues should not prevent them from purchasing solar energy. Unfortunately there are some legislative barriers that prevent this from happening. Fortunately, about 7 states (and the District of Columbia) have already adopted legislation that enables Community Solar/Shared Renewables projects to happen.

Solar power plants are a highly scalable market solution to the energy problem. Large-scale solar facilities drive down the cost of electricity and provide an easy and efficient way for rate-payers to switch their consumption to clean energy without the hassle of panel installation, roofing repairs, permits, etc.

The process of energy distribution could be made more efficient through development of a software interface that showed how the electricity was being distributed to subscribers.

To lower expenses even more, solar power plants can be installed onto areas that are already in use, such as large business buildings or warehouses. This way the cost of land is lowered by reaching an agreement with someone who already owns the land. A separate space just for the solar panels is not necessary. Solar is very low maintenance once it is installed, and a business can earn extra income for hosting the panels.



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