Homeowners Use More Electricity After Going Solar; Question Solar Savings

One of the most common issues in the residential solar market is that homeowners change their energy usage behavior after going solar and consume more electricity. Consequently, their electric bill will bounce back to what it used to be before going solar or even more. This is called “Rebound Effect” (please see the attached link). Current monitoring systems just provide kWh production of the solar systems which is not clearly understandable for average homeowners and it’s definitely not interesting for them. Solar installers are blamed by the homeowners who think that “Their solar system is not doing anything.” With aggregating the API data from monitoring systems, consumption data (Green Button data) from utility companies and inputting the solar payments you can easily show homeowners how much money ($ instead of just kWh) they are actually saving (real-time). And also give the homeowners heads-up about their energy consumption behavior change and even some tips on how to save energy. When homeowners see the visualized, simple, and understandable data and graphs about the outcome of their solar system, they might decide to share that with their friends in the social media and be proud of the decision they made by going solar! This can increase the awareness in the community and encourage others to go solar and we’ll have a greener world in which to live.



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