Solar Net Metering with Green Button

ESPI Green Button format is usually implemented to present electric energy usage. This format includes direction of energy flow from or into the grid (generation). This allows presenting PV energy generation when its higher than energy usage and is recorded by smart net meters for each interval.


A website can be created where homeowners can submit their Green Button data obtained from utility to compare usage/generation with others. Users of such website can be divided into two groups: producers (energy flow only into the grid)

and producers/consumers (energy flow in both direction).

Within each group users can compare how much energy they generate during the day. The next step may include comparing the percentage of energy generated during peak hours. This allows the comparison of generation/usage profile regardless of solar panel size and energy usage. Based on this comparison a gamification system can be created to award homeowners who can send more energy to the grid by shifting usage from peak hours.



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