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Solar Site Design (SSD) is a customer acquisition tool (available on Apple & Android devices) and online project management platform built for solar sales professionals. SSD sells qualified solar energy development projects to solar equipment manufacturers, suppliers, engineering firms and finance companies. Expensive customer acquisition is a tall hurdle the solar industry needs to address in order to sustain profitability and standardization. SSD aggregates the project data entered by solar sales professionals, connects the projects to networks of engineers, manufacturers and financiers, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs by up to 50%.


Here is how it works. The solar sales professional launches the app and navigates through screens such as Design Information, Project Data and Installation Data to record data and take video of key placement sites. After entering the information, the professional clicks "Submit Now for Project Drawing", and the information collected is instantly synced to a secure SSD database. The professional logs in to their online SSD portal from any browser to access the files they uploaded. To qualify the project, the SSD team reviews the files and shares them directly with engineering and manufacturing partners through the SSD platform, creating a collaborative, shared environment. The engineer team builds a complimentary solar feasibility design drawing, and the drawing is uploaded to the contractor’s SSD dashboard for download. The SSD team secures a commission from contracted engineers, manufacturers, suppliers and financiers for its project development efforts. Each commission structure is negotiated, varying from commissions based on complete gross contract sales to a per-watt commission of sold projects.


Solar Site Design is planning to launch a series of new apps and software enhancements to empower Solar Originators to join the Industry.


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