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Savenia Labs, the 2013 Maryland Incubator Company of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, is revolutionizing the way we buy and sell solar homes. Like CarFax for Solar, Savenia is developing a unique and independent third party solution for solar home sellers to quickly communicate the value in their system so they can differentiate their home, sell faster, and capture more value.


Installers can use Savenia to show the potential market value of a system to prospective solar buyers – to convert more prospects to installations faster, reducing soft sales and marketing costs. The system is simple: solar installers or homeowners will be able to input their system data online and download marketing materials to show buyers system value.


If installers can show a homeowner how much the installed system is worth to potential buyers, many more will choose to purchase a system. A small increase in the sales conversion rate could significantly reduce soft costs to solar installers and increase newly installed solar capacity in the United States.


Savenia developed a prototype Solar Rating Label and has generated paying customers in several states. Savenia also rated The White House Solar System, resulting in significant news buzz. With SunShot resources, Savenia can build a web-based data entry and automated rating process, leading to a scalable business.


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