Catalyst: Round 2

The need for energy is increasing each year just as the demand for cleaner more efficient solutions. The Department of Energy (DOE) has created the Catalyst program to help you, the entrepreneur, get started. The program offers funding, mentorship and data to be a catalyst to your idea and create a successful company to help address the future demands of the nation.


Our ideation round of bringing together people's ideas from across the country to help inspirt entrepeneurs was very exciting. We had 137 ideas submitted and 465 votes.

See the ideas by clicking here.


There are three phases that select, enable and grow teams:

  1. Business Innovation - teams develop their Video Pitch to compete who advances.
  2. Prototype - selected teams leverage free services to build out their product/service. This culminates in Demo Day to present what they have achieved and potential for the future.
  3. Incubation - companies that are selected after Demo Day advance to the incubation period and are awarded funding for future work.

71 teams competed in the business innovation round with 34 advancting to our Prototype step as part of the Cohort. After Demo Day, 7 teams were awarded prizes (5 in Solar and 2 in Building Technologies), funding and advanced to Incubation. Congratulations on the winners and all the participants.

See the Cohort ideas by clicking here.